About Us

It is said “rising from the ashes” for things which are reborn and take a new avatar, but what about the things which have been with us for generations? FLOWERS.

Flowers have sustained everything - pollution, heat waves, water problems, etc; they have risen to the top and proven to be the best, and you deserve only the best. Flowers amplify the beauty upon our world by their natural beauty and also by bringing a smile to whom so ever receives it.

We would like to bring a smile to all beautiful ladies by pampering them with Flowers, because they deserves it; presenting F’LOHER.

F'loher personal care products are strengthened with "FLOWERCURE" Flower remedies
by - Dr. Malti Khaitan

F’loher are unique products formulated and fashioned keeping in mind today needs of feminism. Along with the beauty enhancements; flowers in the formulation help bring a sense of confidence to today’s Woman.