The foundation of Floher is a rather personal one. It starts from when my Grandmother was a practitioner of Indian flower remedies, her self developed Indian alternative to the English Bach remedies. She had developed a variety of remedies for skin conditions, but she needed a base to enable their application. The base had to be pure and chemical-free for best results. Our idea was simple- provide the base.

We worked on various recipes to make sure the base was perfect in its consistency, absorbency, and nature as per its intended use. As we bettered the recipes, we added the flower counterpart, the traditional –’gharelu nus-khe’ in studied quantities to these products and packaged them.

Our magic portion was now ready – carefully prepared by expert hands from scratch. A product we were 100% sure of from ingredients to method in purity and effectiveness. The results after the application were amazing. We were encouraged to expand our purview. The combination of Flowers and Herbs had worked wonders.

Our next challenge was to make these niche products cost-effective so that they might benefit as many as possible. We launched ourselves into deeper research and engaged with specialists in skincare and traditional medicine to formulate the most effective combinations in every aspect of body care.

Born out of personal use, the brand is careful to adhere to its original promises of being healthy and pure while combining ingredients necessary for its longer life.

Our Philosophy

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the Beholder”

We strictly believe that real beauty is inside of you; the secret is to Follow that inner one- F’Lo HER that is inside.

Pamper your (inner) self to feel vibrant, confident and more alive.
We help harness that inner self and bring it out with greater confidence.

When you look like you want to, you feel stronger and when you feel stronger you look more vibrant.

Our Values

Fair trade practice to ensure that all suppliers- from the source, the farmers from whom I get my most potent ingredients, to the distributors are treated fairly- is a core value. On the other hand all products are crafted exercising maximum control over hygiene and accuracy of recipe as the heart of our primary agenda. As a business we aim for sustainable and eco-friendly measures in all stages of work.

Our Team

What was achieved from personal triumph needed helping hands to become a full fledged business.
Minds to work together to formulate super effective recipes, expert hands to choose the correct ingredients for their extracts and cutting-edge technology to bring it all together; we have a brilliant team of 50 young and ambitious individuals with a common aim of providing the best for our consumers.

Why choose FLOHER?

With Floher, you get what you see; no fake promises – we are transparent in our ingredients and methods.
Each product is an amalgamation of gharelu nuskhe – the age-old techniques followed by our grandmothers for better looking, healthy skin, in precise quantities- and the magic of flowers from Dr. Malti Khaitan’s treasure trove- FLOWERCURE: The Indian Flower Remedies. These remedies strengthen the effect of other ingredients and have a comprehensive benefit on the user. The addition of this elixir is unique to FLOHER.

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