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Made with Secret Blend of Flowers

Why Floher


  • Jasmine Daily Cream

  • Petunia Anti Blemish Cream

  • de tan pack at home

    Sunflower De Tan Pack


  • Chamomile Hair Serum

  • Gooseberry Hair Oil

  • Lemon Anti Dandruff Shampoo

  • Lotus Hair Conditioner


  • Gardenia Body Perfume Cream

  • Floher Marigold Foot Cream

    Marigold Foot Cream

  • Orange & Apricot Scrub

  • de tan face scrub

    Sunflower De-Tan Scrub

Real People Result

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Floher is a keeper – I have started hoarding their products – the Calendula Facial Cream, the Hibiscus Hair Pack, the Heliconia Exotic Body Perfume cream- you name it – I have it. I love their products. I had heard of Indian flower remedies, and when I got to know that they are using them in their products – I decided that this was the brand I wanted to use for my daily needs.

Mamta Khaitan, Chandigarh


The Rosemary Shampoo is a super light and gentle shampoo – its smell is refreshing and it lathers well. I like the texture of my hair after the wash- feels fuller and softer. I love this shampoo- thank you Floher. Btw- I also like the Lotus Hair conditioner as a follow up, but the shampoo is my absolute savior.

Mathili Nath, Delhi


For over 15 years I had been looking for a daily cream that could help keep my acne issues at bay. When I was introduced to Floher’s Jasmine Daily Cream, I was a little skeptical to try it on, after all that my skin had been through- but I gave it a shot.. and now that I have been using it consistently, I felt a noticeable difference in just a week- my skin feels less oily, blemishes and scar marks have lightened. Overall I feel my face is brighter and skin supple and I feel happier just looking at the mirror.

Aarti Mittal, Delhi


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