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De Tan Combo – Cleansing Milk + Scrub + Pack

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Floher De Tan Combo –

De Tan Scrub – Sunflower De-Tan Scrub removes surface tan on the skin to reveal brighter skin tone. It encourages cell growth and improves the regulation of blood due to the omega 3 & 6 fatty acids contained with its walnut extracts. Kogic acid has antimicrobial properties that lighten visible sun damage, age spots and scars.

De Tan Cleansing Milk – Floher Sunflower De-Tan Cleansing Milk cleanses the skin and the jojoba oil’s healing properties protect against sunburns & tan. Several studies show that turmeric possesses antioxidants which minimize fine lines & wrinkles.

Advanced De-Tan Pack – It contains bearberry extracts to even out blotchy skin tone, remove surface sun tan and give a brighter complexion. Ashwagandha, an effective adaptogen, stimulates production of natural skin cells and sunflower protects from exposure of sunrays.

3 Steps Floher De Tan Combo

Step 1. Cleansing Milk – Apply with cotton pads and gently massage over face and neck using fingers. Wipe off or rinse gently.
Step 2. Scrub – Wash face and dab dry. Apply scrub on face and body, rub gently on the skin for 5-10 mins with water until its dried. Wash off with water.
Step 3. Pack – Wash face and dab dry. Apply mask onto face, leave on for half an hour or until mostly dry. Wash off gently with water.


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