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Face Flower Remedy Kit

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India’s 1st Flower Extract Based Skincare Products | No Chemicals & Preservatives | Inspired by Nani ke gharelu nushke

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Floher Calendula Facial Cream defends the skin against ageing, and loss of firmness; visibly reducing wrinkles. The combination of the extracts arrest trans-epidermal water loss, thus refreshing facial appearance and restoring skin suppleness.

Floher Chicory Under Eye Gel, the formulation contains ingredients which help breakdown tough protein fibers, allowing vitamin C to fight radicals, tighten the skin, reduce puffiness and effectively decrease dark spots. Bearberry extract assists in brightening an uneven skin tone.

Floher De Tan Pack contains bearberry extracts to even out blotchy skin tone, remove surface sun tan and give a brighter complexion. Ashwagandha, an effective adaptogen, stimulates production of natural skin cells and sunflower protects from exposure of sunrays.

Floher Papaya Face Wash, a deep cleansing and exfoliating blend of Papaya, Almond, Argan and Neem helps to get rid of dirt, grime and dead cells. Opening the pores, it helps the air to seep in and rejuvenate the skin. The natural anti-oxidants have a whitening effect reducing blemishes, pigmentation and excessive melanin. Restoring skins natural tone, it leaves it glowing with mesmerizing beauty!

Floher Silken Rose Face Moisturising Lotion intensified with argan oil (rich in vitamin A & E) helps increase elasticity of the skin; improving the look and feel. Tocopherol (vitamin E) is easily absorbed by the skin; restoring & maintaining the moisture.


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